Samsung Galaxy A14 phone review

Samsung Galaxy A14 phone review

Samsung Galaxy A14 Phone Review

Samsung opens a new year with another phone that falls between the provident and early middle price category, which is the Samsung Galaxy A14, so that you can continue the competition with a strong mix offeatures.However, camera features, and a battery that lasts a full day of work, If you’re looking for a phone at an seductive price. About it, and we will give you in the following lines with the most prominent features and additions that passed in its former version, the Samsung A13.

It should be noted that all of this information that will be mentioned is the result of the experiences of previous users only, in addition to the opinions of previous users

Details of the Samsung Galaxy A14 are as follows

The Screen

The Samsung Galaxy A14 mobile screen is of the PLS IPS type, with an area of6.6 inches and its quality is FHD, with a resolution of over to 1080 x 2408 pixels with a pixel viscosity of 400 pixels per inch. The screen contains a small notch for the frontal camera in the form of a water drop, and it also comes It’s large in size with confines of 209, the screen represents about80.2 of the frontal aspect with 16 million available, which makes it slightly lower than the A13 version, but it loses the layer of protection that was in the former version.


The hinder camera of the Samsung Galaxy A14 mobile phone has come a triadic camera. The main camera comes with a 50- megapixel resolution with an f/1.8 lens aperture, the alternate for wide photography has a 5- megapixel resolution with an f/2.2 lens aperture, and the third comes with a 2- megapixel resolution with an f/2.4 lens aperture, which is For macro photography, it loses the fourth camera that was in the former interpretation, which was responsible for isolation and portraiture, while it has LED flash, panorama, and HDR.

As for the frontal camera, its resolution has increased to 13 megapixels with an f/2.0 lens aperture, and let us not forget that the phone supports shooting videos in FHD 1080p HD quality at 30fps.


The random access memory in the Samsung Galaxy A14 phone ranges between 4/6 GB of RAM to give the speed necessary to run applications, in addition to enough space to open many applications. operations at the same time. As for the introductory storage space, it came available in further than one capacity, starting from 64 GB and advanced. It has a storage capacity of 128 GB, with the ability to add an external memory unit through a separate port.

Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy A14 mobile phone has the Android 13, One UI 5 operating system, which is presently the rearmost in global markets for the year 2023.


The Samsung Galaxy A14 phone works with the former version’s processor, which is an Exynos 850 with 8 nano technology. The processor works at an octa- core speed, quad- core at2.0 GHz quad- core at2.0 GHz. The processor’s performance is modest in terms of heavy games. In particular. As for the graphics processor, it’s a Mali- G52

The Battery

The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy A14 phone reaches 5000 mAh while maintaining the 15- watt fast charging feature. The battery is suitable to repel further than two nonstop days for a number of hours that may reach 100 hours depending on the intensity of consumption.


The fingerprint of the Samsung Galaxy A14 mobile phone is a side fingerprint integrated into the power button next to the facial fingerprint.

Means of communication

The Samsung Galaxy A14 supports the following means of communication 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, with its support for geographical location. A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and a port for headphones with a3.5 mm input and USB Type- C2.0. It also supports OTG, with an fresh microphone for noise isolation, and support for NFC and Wi- Fi in addition to Wi- Fi Direct, hotspot. The phone supports Bluetooth5.1, A2DP, LE. While it lacks radio support.


The colors of the Samsung Galaxy A14 are black, silver, olive and maroon in limited editions.

Samsung Galaxy A14 features

  • respectable storage memory
  • Big battery
  • Possibility of working with two SIM cards
  • triadic camera and FHD video quality
  • Support adding external memory
  • USB Type C
  • Supports3.5 mm port
  • rearmost operating system
  • The ability to operate two SIM cards and a memory card at the same time
  • fresh microphone support for noise isolation

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy A14

  • Lack of availability of a headset, charger, defensive case, or screen in the phone box
  • Heavy weight and delicate to carry for long periods
  • The screen isn’t AMOLED and has lost the protection layer
  • Doesn’t support radio
  • Lost isolation and portrait camera.
  • The external manufacturing material is plastic
  • It lacks water and dust resistance
  • The original version doesn’t support 5G
  • It doesn’t contain a notification light
  • Poor fast charging efficiency
  • It doesn’t support shooting 4k videos
  • The processor is weak when playing games
  • The phone doesn’t support wireless and rear charging

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