Realme 8 Phone Review

Realme 8 Phone Review

Realme phones penetrated the Asian sales markets in multiple categories that covered all the wants of users at prices not exceeding $ 300, but the massive number of phones they produce daily made the difference between them seem very simple, and therefore the specifications of the phones overlapped unreasonably, as its latest Realme 8 phone came with similar features To an outsized extent with the previous Realme 7 phone, which is largely the image of the Realme 6 Pro model, with the sole difference being the difference within the processing chips, so what distinguishes the Realme 8 phone from the remainder of its peers and what supports new technologies, this can be what our current article will answer.

Realme 8 Phone Design

realme 8 is taken into account a phone with a rather thin structure, as its thickness didn’t exceed 7.99 mm, and it weighed only 177 grams, because it is formed entirely of plastic, and so it’s always vulnerable to slipping, but it’s good responsive buttons on its sides, and in Its bottom edge houses a speaker, headphone jack, and a USB-C port for charging.

This phone differs from its predecessor Realme 7 in its 6.4-inch display, which works fully HD + per Super AMOLED display technology rather than LCD within the predecessor phone, and it’s the primary time that a Realme phone with an AMOLED screen is included without belonging to the professional category. This screen also supports a built-in fingerprint scanner, and a refresh rate of 90Hz.

The manufacturer provided the phone screen with a pre-installed cover, without mentioning within the phone’s specifications anything associated with the tempered glass that was previously available in previous models, and an organization representative stated that they’d used Dragontrail shut in the manufacture of the display.

The Realme 8 phone is obtainable in gradient black and silver gradient colors, and what distinguishes it from its peers is that the shiny “Dare to Leap” logo that extends along its back cover, and also the silver cover of this phone captures fingerprints more compared to the black cover.
In its box, the Realme 8 comes with a 30W charger, a Type-C cable, a protective phone case, and a SIM ejection tool.

Operating System and a Few Other Specifications

The Realme 8 phone inherited the MediaTek Helio G95 processing chipset from its predecessor Realme 7, as these chipsets proved powerful enough to run heavy games as they were attached to eight GB of RAM, and another for permanent storage of UFS 2.1 type with a capacity of 128 GB, and after all the value of the phone will decrease with a decrease RAM capacity to 4 or 6 GB.

The phone supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.1, additionally as a group of usual sensors, roaming and satellite navigation.

The Realme 8 and eight Pro models are among the primary phones to be equipped with the Realme UI 2.0 computer program that adopts the Android 11 software, and it’s similar in appearance to the previous version of it, but the matter wasn’t without some improvements and subtle changes within the design and graphics, because the Upgrading the icon customization list, adding to that all the protection and privacy benefits supported by the Android 11 system, but reciprocally it failed to delete anything from its external and redundant applications, which were previously installed within the interface, knowing that a number of them are uninstallable, while we’ll not be ready to repeat the method With other applications like the browser application, which usually causes spam with unwanted notifications.

Phone Performance and Battery Capabilities

The AMOLED phone screen includes a key role in showing photos and videos all right, and this improves the media viewing experience using the Realme 8 phone, and therefore the contrast and brightness levels of this screen are literally enough to use the phone even in bright daylight, and there’s little doubt that the refresh rate is 90 Hz will display the contents with a superbly acceptable smoothness.

As for the fingerprint reader, it seems in no time in use and authentication processes, and therefore the ruling also applies to the biometric identification feature.

The speakers also produce a loud and comparatively accurate sound, although the phone lacks a stereo setup.

With powerful processing chips, the Realme 8 phone won’t abate when using it to perform various tasks, and also the biggest proof of this can be that it’s reached 289,587 points in keeping with the AnTuTu performance benchmark.

This phone has the flexibility to play games for a protracted time without overheating the chassis in any respect, and because of the smoothness of the screen, the gaming experience didn’t suffer from any lag or slowdown.

The phone Realme 8 included A battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh, and this battery has the flexibility to still workout to a full day despite heavy use during the day and lighten it slightly during the night, and also the 30W fast charger can fully charge the battery in 65 minutes.

Finally, the phone is charged via the USB-C port at an influence of 30 watts using the most charger of the phone or via the facility Delivery fast charger of 15 watts.

Camera Performance

The Realme 8 phone carries a photography setup like its predecessor Realme 7, as this setup starts from a 64-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide, and a pair of megapixels for both the macro camera and also the monochrome lens.

The 64-megapixel sensor was made by Omnivision, not Sony, as within the previous generation phone.

On the side of the phone, we are going to also find a 16-megapixel selfie camera.

The camera application offers several options for shooting modes, like the remainder of the opposite Realme phones, while the standard of the photographs with this phone decreases slightly, because the details in some images change into flat marks and not the acceptable depth, and therefore the matter was also among ultra-wide camera shots, which came with variety Less detail, and clear noise along the sides.

When we move to the close-up shots, we are going to find that they’re better in terms of details, but zooming in will make them appear in an exceedingly highly processed way.

AI Scene Optimizer also tends to reinforce colors, so if we would like to urge realistic scenes and colours, it’s better to disable this feature.

Low-light shots won’t look so bad unless we activate the Nightscape setting, although it really does contribute to getting really expert photos with the ultra-wide camera, and also the autofocus doesn’t work properly in close-up shots and when the ambient light is a smaller amount than ideal. So we may recapture the capture multiple times to induce usable.

The Realme 8 phone has the power to record 4K video with 30 frames per second, but the steadiness are completely non-existent, and also the general video quality will decrease after processing operations, and once you convert the resolution to 1080p, the phone tries to put in the scenes, but it’ll not include the expected results, and therefore the quality will appear Average within the clips filmed with the ultra-wide camera, because it doesn’t have any stabilization capabilities at the time.

The quality of clips may deteriorate significantly after they are recorded in low light while the topic are well lit.

The selfie camera produces good daytime shots, lower quality photos with low light, and therefore the macro camera captures close-up subjects when the standard will never be acceptable.

Finally, Portrait mode encompasses a role within the production of excellent portraits, moreover because the diverse work of filters.


The Realme 8 phone may advance from its predecessor with the display, the thinnest design, yet because the outstanding performance because of the mixing between the chipsets and therefore the large RAM. $ 200, and really briefly, it is said that the Realme 8 is that the updated version of the Realme 7 equipped with an AMOLED screen and a camera with average performance.

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