iPhone 15 Plus Phone Review

iPhone 15 Plus Phone Review

Following in the footsteps of last year, Apple continues to offer an alternative to the mini version and a competitor to the Pro version through a larger version of the iPhone 15, which is the iPhone 15 Plus, as it comes at a lower price than the Pro with competitive features, combining the strength of manufacturing materials and integrated protection from the inside and outside on the phone. Far depths inside the water, as well as the most important global operating systems and processors.

Follow with us the most important specifications of the phone, while also mentioning the advantages and disadvantages, and most importantly, the approximate price of the phone-

The Screen

The iPhone 15 Plus screen comes with a6.7- inch Super Retina Ceramic Shield glass, scratch- resistant glass, a durable aluminum frame, and a glass material for the back of the phone. The screen represents 88 of the front. And pukka protection against water and dust for half an hour at a depth of 6 metres. We find that these are veritably slight differences from the iPhone 14 Plus version, nearly identical.


The iPhone 15 Plus has a binary hinder camera, the first with a 48- megapixel resolution and an F/1.6 lens aperture and supports OIS. As for the alternate camera, it has a 12- megapixel resolution with an F/2.4 lens aperture for wide photography. It also has a binary- LED flash and HDR in addition to panorama.

As for the frontal camera, it has a 12- megapixel resolution, F/2.2 lens aperture, coming to the SL 3D camera and supports HDR. Don’t forget that the phone supports 4K quality shooting at a capture rate of 24, 25, 30 and 60 frames per second. It also supports FHD quality photography with a resolution of 1080 pixels with a capture rate of 25 and 30. And 60 and 120 frames per second. In addition to the new cinematic vision and stereo sound quality during video shooting. WhereK@24/ 25/ 30/ 60 fps,1080p@25/30/60/120/ 240 fps, HDR, Dolby Vision HDR( over to 60 fps), Cinematic mode(4K@30fps), stereo sound rec.


The storage space in the iPhone 15 Plus reaches a capacity of 128 256 512 GB, with a arbitrary memory of 6 GB RAM, and like other Apple phones, it doesn’t have the feature of adding space or a memory card slot, and the phone relies on its main memory only..

Operating system

The iPhone 15 Plus comes directly with the iOS 17 operating system, with the ability to modernize it to iOS17.0.3.


The iPhone 15 Plus phone contains an A16 Bionic processor with 4 nano manufacturing technology, which is the most important Apple processor available in the market, and operates at a speed of six- core binary- core at a speed of3.46 GHz( Everest) quad- core at a speed of2.02 GHz( Sawtooth). As for the graphics processor, it’s an Apple GPU( 5- core graphics).

The Battery

The iPhone 15 Plus mobile phone battery has increased to reach a capacity of 4383 mAh, and the battery supports fast charging, so half the battery capacity can be supported in just 30 minutes, and it has a wireless charging feature( MagSafe) with a power of 15 watts and a power of7.5 watts with regular Qi chargers. It’s suitable to repel 20 hours of browsing, photos and videos, and it has4.5 watts of rear charging.


The iPhone 15 Plus lacks a fingerprint sensor and only has a face ID.

Means of Communication

The iPhone 15 Plus has numerous means of communication, similar as Bluetooth with the rearmost version5.3, A2DP, LE. It also supports NFC and doesn’t support FM radio. The phone also has a Hotspot feature and also supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks and the GPS feature for determining geographical location. Other navigation systems similar asA-GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO.

It also lacks a3.5 mm port for earphones, while it has USB Type- C2.0 for the first time, with an fresh microphone for noise isolation, and it lacks IR.


The iPhone 15 Plus colors are blue, black, green, pink, and unheroic.

iPhone 15 Plus Features

A larger size, an alternative to the mini and competitive with the Pro version at a lower price
For the first time it has USB Type- C
The binary hinder camera has increased from 12 to 48
It can work as a power bank for other phones
Advanced protection layer
Direct connection to satellites
Increase battery capacity
Information control
Crash sensor and emergency contact
A friend of the environment
Supports fifth generation networks
Elegant glass design with durable ceramic
Super OLED screen
Stereo sound
Shoot 4k videos via the front and hinder cameras
Battery supports fast and wireless charging
Large screen with protection layer
Large storage memory
Among the most important global processors
Supports NFC
pukka water and dust resistant up to 6 metres

Disadvantages of iPhone 15 Plus

Fast charging capabilities aren’t developed
The same external design as the former version, with a slight change in the charging port
Satellite connection in America and Canada only
The electronic chip version doesn’t work in Egypt
high price
It doesn’t support adding a memory card
Doesn’t support3.5 mm earphone port
The battery still needs to be increased
Doesn’t support radio
It misses the IR feature to control devices
No fingerprint sensor
It’s necessary to buy a charger and headset because they aren’t available in the phone box
The screen doesn’t support ultramodern frequency rates

Phone price

The price of the phone varies from one country to another due to the difference in currencies, but the price is close to the transnational price, ranging from$ 950 to$ 1,100.

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