iPad Air 2020 Review

iPad Air 2020 Review

After the Air brand produced the thinnest and lightest Apple device, its name was transformed into a nickname attached to the names of phones, computers, and earphones. What was revealed within the thinnest iPad Air (2020) that got a price point between the bottom model iPad and therefore the premium version iPad Pro, and it also had a replacement design inspired by a number of the hallmarks of the advanced device iPad Pro, which can be launched with the remainder of the device details within the following paragraphs.

iPad Air 2020 Design

The iPad Air 2020 retains the lightness of its predecessor, both measuring just 6.1 mm thick, while the 2020 model is distinguished by its newer processor, larger screen and thinner bezels, and it replaces the normal Lightning port with USB-C.

This tablet comes with a screen measuring 10.9 inches, and therefore the durability of its external structure is a smaller amount than usual, because it is incredibly near the look of the professional model, and its edges are greatly reduced all told directions, and aluminum has been distributed within the back and glass from the front during a professional format. And curved edges provides a more advanced look to 1 of the Air models.

The iPad Air 2020 is out there in multiple colors, including light gray, silver, gold, green, and cyan.

Since the perimeters of the device seem as thin as possible, it’s natural that the circular menu button, which was previously used as a fingerprint sensor, has disappeared, and also the fingerprint reader has been integrated this point with the ability button on the highest fringe of the device, and it’s decrease sensitive than before, as we now need to Pressing the button and not just touching it to unlock the device, and a protracted go on this button will call up the digital assistant Siri, and on the opposite hand we will not question its speed in any respect if the fingerprints are entered correctly, therefore the middle menu button and also the fingerprint sensor will remain a feature for professional models and don’t move from them to other models, as is that the case with the ProMotion feature, because of which Pro screens can adapt to the tasks displayed on the screen and switch the refresh rate on its basis. Instead, the Air 2020 model came with a hard and fast screen refresh rate up to 60 Hz.

As for the main points of the display, it’s a Liquid Retina type, and it works with very high accuracy, and its colors look lively, and it’s been coated with an anti-reflective glass that helps it glow, but it’s not one in all the brightest screens, and so it’ll be somewhat difficult to use it in bright daylight, but the utilization of a covering A keyboard will do the trick in such circumstances.

Apple also talked about the glass that covers the screen of this device as being immune to scratches, and also the impression of fingerprints.

Finally, the iPad Air 2020 is compatible with some accessories sold separately, like the Apple Pencil 2, which is magnetically charged when attached to the proper fringe of the device, and this device also contains a smart connector on the rear to attach with the Magic Keyboard, or The Smart Keyboard Folio, however, has abandoned the headphone jack in its latest model.

iPad Air 2020 Performance

Apple failed to give its iPad Air 2020 its latest M1 chipset, but rather the A14 Bionic chipset, which is powerful enough to perform normal tasks and cargo applications at the proper speed.

These chipsets are attached to 4 GB of random-access memory, and that they can perform many tasks, but they’ll need to close some applications when their space is totally filled, and also the graphics unit during this device doesn’t provide high levels of performance because it happens within the Pro model, but just some professional applications run at their limits, then the low-level phase begins when coping with large files and opening an outsized number of applications simultaneously.

With the iPad Air 2020, we cannot expand the interior storage of 64 GB, knowing that the space occupied by system files exceeds 10 GB, and this makes the tab suitable just for watching movies, browsing the online and playing light games, because it doesn’t expand over that, and will require it’s the matter of deleting some applications from time to time thanks to the space, and supported those reasons, Apple worked to provide the 256 GB model of this device while raising its price for that, but it failed to care about the importance of providing the 128 GB model.

With the iPadOS Files app, we will easily access the contents of iCloud Drive if we’ve stored data there, and that we can switch between Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other similarly approved third-party apps.

This tablet doesn’t support 5G networks, but it makes up for it by supporting Wifi 6 networks, and it also has two stereo speakers, therefore the sound produced by the device sounds very clear and really loud, but on the opposite hand, it lacks depth at its limits.

iPad Air (2020) Battery

We can say that the battery life during this tablet depends on how it’s used, because it will last for 2 full days with normal daily uses, without approaching games or browsing the net and using professional applications, or maybe delivering it with the keyboard to figure thereon, otherwise this era will decrease to every day only 1, especially if we run it on LTE networks.

As for fully charging the battery, it can take about two and a half hours.
The software package of this ipad

iPadOS 14 was launched at the start of the year 2020, as a second version of the fundamental OS iPadOS, and also the new system derived most of its features from the iOS communication system and also the MacOS automatic data processing system, because it was attached to the iPad Air 2020 tablet, and it’s scheduled to receive an officer update of the system at the tip of the year. the present year 2021.

Current system updates include support for USB-C file transfers, and also the ability to line a brand new default browser to switch the most Safari browser.

Siri has also seemed smarter than before, as its computer programme has been improved, but it’s not yet reached the degree of the Google Assistant.

Despite previous updates, iPad OS remains weak at some points, because it has crammed all of its tools into a menu that replaced Today View within the old system.

The upcoming iPadOS 15 will solve all previous problems with new tools to regulate the interface.

After designing the shop App very carefully, it clothed  that Apple’s goal from this store is to focus on the group of improved applications that were presented to iPad tablets, and gamers enthusiasts, but professionals are still unable to access Apple’s own professional applications, which were available for macOS movie Pro as an example, Logic Pro and Xcode.

It is worth noting that the utilization of applications on Apple tablets remains governed by security measures, because the software system prevents the implementation of any application that doesn’t belong to the App Store. However, we will never underestimate the quantity of applications available within the Store, including both basic applications and games.

Finally, we should always mention the compatibility that the iPad Air 2020 tablet shows with variety of software features including Handoff, AirPlay, AirDrop, Universal Clipboard and Sidecar.

And since the previous iPad Air 2020 tablet failed to have a main menu button, its swipe and navigation commands are modified to match the customizations of the newer versions of iOS and Android.

iPad Air 2020 Cameras

This tablet encompasses a 7-megapixel front camera, which is suitable for taking selfies with a rather decent quality, and it can record 1080p videos, with 60 frames per second, but the downside of this camera is its position within the side frame When using the tab in landscape mode, the user’s gaze appears to be aloof from the camera when making video calls.

This model also features a single camera on the rear, and it works with a accuracy of 12 megapixels, with a lens slot of f/1.8, and with these specifications, camera shots will appear perfectly fine in daylight, but its lack of a LiDAR sensor has lost the augmented reality features that have receded within the iPad Pro Finally, this camera has the power to shoot video in 4K resolution, with 60 frames per second recording.


Air devices mediated the sphere of specifications between Pro devices, and therefore the basic versions of iPad tablets, and it changed a number of its design points, especially within the latest iPad Air 2020, in an endeavor to achieve the degree of professional, and advances in hardware and software yet, because it added to the current device a contemporary processor and a bigger screen, which led to a rise within the price of the device to $ 600, but it lost reciprocally both the headphone jack, the high brightness levels of the screen, and therefore the ability to expand its small cupboard space, which clearly limited its uses.

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