Infinix Note 11 Pro Phone Review

Infinix Note 11 Pro Phone Review

Infinix Note 11 Pro Infinix Note 11 pro is a new armament launched by Infinix in the face of its challengers to control the profitable and medium price order in one fell swoop, at a price that belongs to the end of the profitable price order, but it offers above-average specifications. Where a large screen size is nearly the largest among challengers in the two orders, along with a important processor and a giant battery.

Details of the Infinix Note 11 Pro specifications came as follows.

The Screen

The Infinix Note 11 Pro mobile screen is of type IPS TV and supports the loftiest refresh rates of 120Hz, its area is6.95 elevation, and its quality is FHD, with a resolution of 1080 x 2460 pixels, with a viscosity of pixels per inch equal to 387 pixels, and the screen contains a small hole for the camera The front, which gives a large viewing area and comes large in size, but is nearly the largest in its class with confines of 209. The screen represents about84.5 of the frontal side with the vacuity of 16 million colors, and it doesn’t have any protection subcaste. To match the Note 11s screen.


The Infinix Note 11 pro mobile camera comes with a triadic camera, the first with a 64- megapixel camera with an f/1.7 lens niche, which is the primary camera, and the alternate camera with a 13- megapixel resolution with an f/2.5 lens niche, which is responsible for the drone – as for the last camera with a 2- megapixel resolution. A pixel with an f/2.4 lens, which is responsible for insulation and picture, in addition to a quadrangle- LED flash, outlook and HDR, to miss the camera for wide and macro photography.

As for the frontal camera, it’s a single 16- megapixel camera, unlike the Note 8, which had a binary camera and frontal flash, and don’t forget that the phone supports shooting vids in 2K quality at a resolution of 1440 pixels at a prisoner rate of 30 frames per second and also supports FHD photography at a resolution of 1080 pixels at a rate of Capture 30 frames per second and also supports firing in HD quality with a resolution of 720 pixels at a prisoner rate of 30 frames per second.


The Infinix Note 11 Pro has a storehouse space of only 128 GB with the capability to add an external memory unit, but through a separate harborage other than the SIM harborage, which doesn’t bear giving up one of the two SIMs to operate, and it also has 8 GB of arbitrary memory, which is sufficient to give speed demanded to run numerous operations together.

Operating System

The Infinix Note 11 Pro comes with the Android 11, XOS 10 operating system, which is the rearmost from the box directly to the buyer without the need for updates.


The Infinix Note 11 pro phone includes a Media Tech Helio G96 processor with 12 nano technology, octa- core2.05 GHz( Cortex A76) 6- core2.0 GHz( Cortex A55) with a graphic processor Mali- G57 MC2, a important processor with colorful games.

The Battery

The Infinix Note 11 pro mobile battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh and has a fast charging point of 33 watts, and the battery is suitable to repel two full days of work or further if your use isn’t high, but it lacks the point of wireless charging And vice versa.


The point of the Infinix Note 11 Pro phone supports facial recognition alongside the point, and it’s erected into the power button.

Means of Communication

The Infinix Note 11 Pro supports the following communication styles Bluetooth and FM radio. It also supports 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. It hasA-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and a headphone harborage with a3.5 mm input and USB Type- C2.0. It doesn’t support NFC.

Supports Wi- Fi in addition to its support for Wi- Fi Direct, hotspot. With its support for geolocation.


Infinix Note 11 pro colors are blue, argentine, and green.

Features of the Infinix Note 11 Pro 

  • Special price
  • Great battery
  • Support for adding external memory
  • Possibility of working with two SIM cards together
  • swish grade color design
  • Supports the3.5 mm harborage
  • Supports playing radio stations
  • Supports the point detector
  • important healer
  • Large screen that supports the loftiest refresh rates
  • Fast charging point
  • respectable storehouse memory
  • It has a binary stereo microphone
  • High resolution hinder camera with quadrangle flash
  • USB Type c
  • 2K firing support

The Most Prominent Defects of The Infinix Note 11 Pro

  • A dupe of the Infinix Note 11s
  • It doesn’t support 5G
  • The frontal camera still needs development
  • It lacks the wireless and rear charging point
  • It lacks water and dust resistance
  • It lacks the capability to control electrical appliances through it
  • The absence of a camera for wide and macro photography
  • Plastic plant
  • It doesn’t support NFC
  • announcement light isn’t supported
  • It doesn’t support an fresh microphone for noise insulation
  • The hinder camera protrudes in a way that exposes it to breakage
  • Mobile overheating when using heavy games
  • XOS interface advertisements continue to irk
  • It doesn’t support 4k firing

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