Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Phone Review

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Phone Review

With each new release, Samsung tries to avoid the errors that occurred in its previous models and improve the specifications in keeping with the wants of users, and this can be what prompted it to start out with the value point of the new generation Galaxy Z Flip 3, making it less than usual to make sure that the phone reaches many users, especially since it More durable than before, and includes a larger external screen

Galaxy Z Flip 3 Design

Durability is one among the foremost important factors that Samsung took under consideration during the planning of the Z Flip 3 phone, because it gave it an 80% stronger screen compared to what was provided by previous models of Flip phones, because of the availability of the outer screen of the phone with Gorilla Glass Victus that’s more proof against scratches. Aluminum within the manufacture of the side frame of this phone, and made the perimeters of the phone look smooth, commensurate with the grip of the phone well in order that it’s not slippery, as was the case with the essential phone Galaxy Z Flip.

The Z Flip 3 was also distinguished from its peers with its support for water resistance in keeping with the 8IPX standard, which implies that there’s no have to fear the phone from immersion in water, although it’s not recommended at all!

The 1.9-inch external screen of the phone is that the biggest change during this model, because the analog screen of the most Flip phone failed to exceed 1.1 inches, so with the newer phone we are going to see some additional information and some important notifications on its external screen.

The Z Flip 3 is out there in four colors, including cream, green, lavender, and dark black. Samsung also promised to secure another colors for this phone like gray, pink, and white, but these versions are going to be exclusive on its own website.

Samsung has added stereo speakers to the current phone, which produce high levels of sound, and produce them out with perfect clarity.
The dimensions of the Z Flip 3 phone when folded are 3.4 by 2.8 by 0.63-0.67 inches, which suggests that it is slipped during a rather small space, and its weight failed to exceed 202 grams, and compared to the predecessor phone Z Flip we are going to find that the Flip 3 is that the same weight, but it’s thinner and longer, and more durable.

Z Flip 3 Phone Screens

The phone includes a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED screen that works with a FHD + resolution such as 2640 x 1080 pixels, leading to a variable refresh rate of 120 Hz, displaying its contents professionally, to not mention smooth scrolling.

When closed, the 1.9-inch external screen enables us to regulate music, see the weather, and even take selfies, by pressing twice on the facility button on the proper fringe of the phone to show on the camera and take pictures, and also the above implies that this screen is more usable compared to what was mentioned within the predecessor phone Z Flip, because it enables users to house the varied functions of the phone without having to open it, and thus we’ll get greater battery life savings (this is in theory).

What has been carried over from older phone models to the Z Flip 3 is that the slight crease within the centerline of the inner screen, which is kind of noticeable when hovered over, although it doesn’t appear most of the time.

As a results of this slight wrinkle, we are going to see slight distortion within the screen content when using the phone in daylight, or when opening applications that use the lighting mode.

The internal screen of the phone supports color gamut reproduction of 102% of sRGB and 76.4% of DCI-P3, that the colors will appear less saturated than offered by the iPhone 12 Pro, but more accurate because it supports the Delta standard of 0.32 while the iPhone 12 Pro screen is sufficient for 0.28.

Z Flip 3 Phone Cameras

The front camera of the phone has not changed from what the most Z Flip phone came with, because it still works with 10 megapixels, while the newest model came with a large camera at the rear, taking pictures with 12 megapixels, and with a lens slot f/1.8, together with the 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera. It also features a mega pixel with f/2.2 aperture.

Accordingly, the third version of the Flip phones still lacks a telephoto camera, unlike the phones that got the identical price point because the iPhone 12 Pro.

There is little doubt that some older phones from Samsung came with this kind of lens, but there’s no room to cut back the value for a foldable phone unless some advanced specifications are abandoned, while the Flip 3, in turn, will provide an improvement within the level of Portrait mode and shooting in shady environments, because it tends to that increases the saturation of colours and preserves the less visible details, but the brightness of the pictures are somewhat limited, but it compensates for this within the accuracy of the colours and their tendency to natural tones.

And once we move to the outdoor photos with many light, we’ll find that the Flip 3 has given the photos a small amount of overexposure, which led to a rather faded color.

With lower ambient light, the Flip 3’s images will tend to seem darker, but still brighter than what the predecessor, Flip, provided.

With Portrait mode, Flip3 will add a wider background to photos compared to iPhone 12 Pro shots, but it is not much different if bokeh is enabled because the iPhone counterpart’s cameras do.

The camera application within the Z Flip 3 phone contains a maximum of 10 x digital zoom, while this ratio within the S21 Plus phone reached x 30, because the latter uses the Zoom Lock feature, which relies on computer science algorithms to stabilize images, while the Z Flip3 phone actually lacks this feature .

When shooting in dark environments, the Z Flip 3 will increase the brightness within the image, and this is often what gives the image some additional details, and despite the development of the night mode from Samsung in recent years, it’s not reached Apple levels during this context to this point.

On the opposite hand, the front camera captures facial details all right, and preserves skin tone, while iPhone 12 Pro shots tend to possess warmer colors.

The Flip 3 also offers the most effective selfies with the rear cameras when the phone is closed, but taking pictures using this method would require some extra effort to preview the scene with the external screen.

The video is recorded within the Flip 3 phone in 4K resolution with 60 frames per second, and good accuracy, clarity and stability also are provided, and therefore the colors will look very accurate and varied, and scenes are recorded with an honest percentage of exposure further, and also the judgment doesn’t differ in sight of the steadiness of the photographed video. With this phone, what distinguishes the iPhone 12 Pro is that the top quality of the microphone and also the resistance to background.

Z Flip 3 Performance Details

The Flip 3 is supplied with a Snapdragon 888 processor and eight GB of RAM, which is truly enough for a smooth performance of varied forms of tasks, opening plenty of applications with none slowdown, and therefore the phone failed to stop there, but paid some attention to the globe of games also. All game frames were shown consecutively without interruption.

According to the Geekbench 5 benchmark, the Z Flip 3 phone scored about 2,984 points within the multi-core test, and was later than the analog phone iPhone 12 Pro, which scored approximately 3669 points during this test, and in terms of graphics, the Flip3 phone provided 27.3 frames on the average, before of 51 A frame for the iPhone.

Z Flip3 Phone Battery

This phone encompasses a battery with a capacity of 3300 mAh, that is, it didn’t differ from what the most Flip phone came with, but with the event of the capabilities of the Flip 3 phone, this battery might not last long, and with the activation of the adaptive mode for the refresh rate, which switches this rate in step with the task the phone performs, we We’ll travel 6 hours of phone working, and with the previous rate switched to 60Hz, the battery life might increase a touch.

The reason why the phone failed to include a bigger battery is to expand the dimensions of the external screen and thus profit of additional space within the back of the phone and reserve the space for one in all the larger capacity batteries.

We may notice that the battery within the previous phone, Flip, lasted for a comparatively longer time, but the upper refresh rate and bigger screen size are enough factors to waste battery power faster.

The Z Flip 3 phone battery supports the limited wired charging power of 15 watts, that the completion of the complete charging process needs an hour or a touch more, and resorting to the wireless charging process won’t help either, because the phone supports charging power of but 10 watts, note The charger won’t be included within the phone case.

User Interface and Software System

The Z Flip 3 works with One UI 3.1 and therefore the Android 11 software system, and after all there’ll be an update soon to Android 12, and that we can put a high probability of providing the phone with three years of system updates and 4 other improvements and security patches.

The phone interface isn’t without advanced design points, and plenty of features that help us work on the phone and customize it appropriately.

Samsung has taken advantage of a group of software improvements to boost the usefulness of the Z Flip 3 phone, because the Flex mode contributes to improving the experience of using the phone generally by allowing the user to divide the interface elements between the 2 parts of the inner screen of the phone when folded, as we are able to place the camera application within the upper section while The capture buttons are located at the underside.

It is also possible to form video calls while the phone is folded and rested on the table to spend long calls.

On the opposite hand, this mode lacks many useful applications, but it contains the YouTube application, which allows us to look at videos on the highest screen and send comments from the underside, and in any case, Samsung promised to develop this mode to support many other applications within the future.


The Galaxy Z Flip 3 phone derived some specifications from its previous generation and presented them to users after adding its own improvements to that, because it came with a bigger external screen that supports high refresh rates and a wider software system with its advanced details, and also completed it with a solid structure that resists water and a price that doesn’t exceed $ 1,000 for the phone model 8/128 GB, while this price rises slightly to 1049 for the 8/256 GB model, and there’s virtually no thanks to reduce the value without putting some specifications aside, so we might have to charge the phone twice during the day because of the low battery capacity and its support for slow charging forces.

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