Samsung Galaxy A52s Phone Review

Samsung Galaxy A52s Phone Review

Phone Design

The A52s phone looked almost similar to its base model A52 5G, but it improved the look of its rear cameras until it absolutely was just like the Galaxy S21 models, and also the phone weighs about 189 grams, which makes it easy to hold and use during the day, and also the surrounding frame is created of polycarbonate, which frequently captures fingerprints.

The 6.5-inch screen of the phone works consistent with the Super AMOLED display technology, so it displays its contents in bright and varied colors that tend to extend the degree of sharpness somewhat, but some programs and features are enough to cut back these levels to their natural levels if we prefer.

And the phone screen supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz, after you set the utmost limits for brightness, transparency, and with these color ranges and brightness we’ll not suffer from using the phone in daylight.

It should be noted here that the refresh rate is set to the limit of 120 or 60 Hz only, as this rate cannot adapt to the content to preserve battery life, because the general major phones do now.

The phone screen is surrounded by slightly wide edges, and it also contains a hole within the middle of its upper edge for the front phone camera, and a fingerprint reader at the underside, and this reader works very accurately, because it is nearly not mistaken in discovering the main points of the fingerprints, but it’s slower than the counterpart sensors available in medium phones other.

Phone Performance

The phone A52s was powered by the Snapdragon 778g processor, which is an extension of the 780G chipset, which consisted of 4 Cortex A78 cores, and 4 other Cortex A55 cores, and also the cores were integrated this point with the Adreno 642L graphics unit, and this made the phone able to perform most tasks smoothly Including browsing social networking sites, web pages, similarly as paying attention to music and heavy games additionally, and also the positive impact of those segments is reflected on battery life and therefore the time spent by the phone with its high efficiency.

The A52s has stereo speakers, but its sound could be a bit light, enough for watching YouTube content or making calls, and this has been compensated for by the headphone jack and its satisfactory audio output capabilities, and quality.

This phone has three models that differ from one another with a RAM capacity ranging between 6 and eight GB, further as in terms of storage capacity of 128 or 256 GB, and that we can expand the last memory using micro SD cards, where an appropriate place has been allocated for these cards within the slot SIM cards on top of the phone.

Finally, the A52s phone supports a large range of 5G network bands, and this doesn’t include mmWave 5G bands, and therefore the matter is because of the worth of the common phone, while it supports Wifi 6 communication technology additionally because the remainder of the A52 phones.

A52s Phone Battery

The A52s phone received variety of improvements over its predecessor, the A52 5G, and these improvements included a rise within the capacity of the battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh, to confirm that the phone was used until every day and a half on its full charge, and this long period may include the employment of both Twitter, Slack , sending emails and other intermediate uses moreover, and therefore the phone continues to figure for up to 2 full days when used at a lower intensity or when the 60 Hz rate is enabled, or perhaps one among the optimized modes for power consumption within the phone is activated.

On the opposite hand, the A52s phone battery was limited to supporting the charging power of 25 watts at its maximum limits, although the choice phones had reached quite 65 watts, and therefore the phone case was attached to a charger that works with an influence of 15 watts, and that we might have about an hour and a half to completely charge the battery Note that the A52s doesn’t support wireless charging.

A52s Phone Camera

The A52s phone comes with a rear imaging setup that consists of 4 cameras that include a wide-angle main camera, an ultra-wide camera, a macro lens and a depth sensor furthermore.

The phone’s main camera can take pictures with sufficient brightness, showing excellent detail due to HDR support, and appropriate levels of saturation likewise, and sometimes the topic is also overexposed, which results in a rise in noise within the shadowy areas of the image. Although these areas appear more clearly on large screens.

We can increase the share of detail within the images by raising the degree of sharpness within the shooting settings, but this can cause the strengthening of the colours within the image and also the fading of other colors within the background, and that we will notice that some areas will appear more bright as if they’re actually fake.

The ultra-wide camera handles image distortion and noise a bit better, although it doesn’t differ much from the most phone camera in terms of color grading and also the amount of detail within the image.

The phone’s lack of a telephoto camera implies that its close-up shots will look almost digital, and its bright areas will appear more blurred.

When shooting in shady areas, the quantity of noise are going to be significantly reduced, but it’ll reappear if the photographs are cropped or displayed on a bigger screen.

The portrait mode can improve our general view of the photography capabilities of the phone, because it accurately determines the topic within the main target box.

As for the selfie camera, the colours appear more clearly than what the most camera does during this phone, and therefore the exposure levels were acceptable, and also the amount of detail was very commendable.

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