iPhone 13 Pro Phone Review

iPhone 13 Pro Phone Review

iPhone 13 Pro Design

Apple tried to manufacture the iPhone 13 Pro with dimensions that fit the utilization of the phone with one hand, although this phone contains all the equipment of the larger Pro Max model, because the 13 Pro phone ends with stainless-steel edges that resist rust and a fixed-color finish to its back cover, because it was wrapped from the front. and also the back is formed of Ceramic Shield glass, and also the manufacturer has stated that it’s reinforced its new phone with a protection system that’s ready to give the structure an impression resistance up to fourfold the strength that the phone would have shown without that protection.
Our current phone has exceeded the burden of its brother iPhone 13, but it’s the identical size and dimensions, and in fact we’ll not be ready to switch between the protective covers for the essential model and therefore the Pro, as they need two different sizes of the rear imaging unit, and this unit also protrudes slightly from the rear cover of the professional phone, and this can be what causes Swing and vibrate the phone on flat surfaces.

The power button of this phone is definitely accessible on the correct edge, while the amount buttons and also the slider for mute are placed on the left end, and at the underside edge we’ll find both the speaker slots and therefore the Lightning charging port.
This phone has four colors, including graphite, silver, distinctive blue, and eventually gold.

iPhone 13 Pro Phone Screen

The iPhone 13 Pro screen didn’t differ from the 6.1-inch screen of the bottom model iPhone 13, which works with Retina XDR OLED display technology, but this screen doesn’t provide the simplest rate of pixel density, because it is restricted to providing only 460 pixels per inch, and with The display quality continues to be quite appropriate for all kinds of content.
And this screen captured the features that Apple allocated to the professional models, like the high refresh rate of 120 Hz, which enables us to maneuver smoothly between applications and settings menus, and because of the dynamic nature of the automated refresh rate within the phone, some intense games will enjoy high numbers of the refresh rate while the speed drops in Some tasks reach 1 Hz, and after using the phone and exposing it to screen tests, it had been found that phone applications don’t need the 120 Hz rate, that the full capabilities of the screen and activating this rate aren’t getting used except in rare cases only. that’s why Apple turned to application developers to support the 120 Hz rate in their applications future.

Apple also worked to cut back the scale of the notch dedicated to the front camera by 20%, which provided users with additional space from the phone screen to be exploited in games and watching content.

Phone Performance and Capabilities

The iPhone 13 Pro phone works with the most recent A15 Bionic processing chips, which Apple claimed to be the simplest processor ever, because of which the phone was able to run various applications with complete ease and this ruling also applied to intensive games, due to the great cooperation between the chips and 6 GB RAM The phone has many storage options, ranging from 128 GB up to 1 TB, and with these ingredients, the phone scored about 4719 points within the Geekbench 5 tests, and thus it exceeds the performance of the fundamental phone iPhone 13, which was limited to 4688 points only.

Of course, we’ll not notice these small differences within the daily performance of the phone, but they’re going to appear significantly in heavy tasks and games.

The iPhone 13 Pro supports 5G networks, similarly because the developed generation, but we want to use these technologies in areas that support this kind of network.

The OS of This Phone

The iPhone 13 Pro has been equipped with the most recent Apple software thus far, iOS 15, which carries some additions and enhancements additionally to the content of iOS 14, because the new Focus mode allows us to customize notifications for a few applications and contacts additionally, and restrict others within working times on as an example.

During the amount of testing the system on the phone, no errors appeared within the experience of use, and Apple accustomed support its phones with a few years of system updates, and in fact the iPhone 13 Pro won’t leave its general base in distributing updates.

Phone Battery

Apple has sought to extend the battery lifetime of the iPhone 13, compared to what it absolutely was last year, and also the iPhone 13 Pro mobile phone has received a rise in capacity that permits it to continue working for up to a full day to complete daily tasks.

The phone battery also supports 20 watts of charging power, and it should need about an hour to be completely full of energy.

Apple hasn’t changed its decisions about e-waste, so it continues to charge its latest phones without a charger included within the box, so users will must purchase a separate phone charger.

The iPhone 13 Pro also accepts 15W MagSafe wireless charging technology, still as charging using Qi wireless charging bases, but at a lower power of seven.5W.

The Performance of The Cameras Within The Phone

The iPhone 13 Pro comes with three cameras on the rear with a resolution of 12 mega pixels each. the most camera works with a good lens slot f/1.5, while the telephoto zoom camera secures the optical zoom ratio x3 and therefore the sensor aperture is f/1.8, and therefore the ultra-wide lens takes the identical The latter size captures wide-angle photos of 120 degrees.

The frame of the rear cameras contains a LiDAR 3D scanner, which successively helps determine the depth of the topic and make the main focus more accurate than its usual position, and this sensor also improves the accuracy of bokeh effects by distinguishing the topic from the background of the image, and it can even be compatible with reality applications The booster.

The phone’s main camera might not perform better than its counterpart camera within the previous generation model, but it brings us some additional features to produce adequate image quality, further because the huge amount of colours and details and also the outstanding performance of the dedicated night mode when the lighting is poor.

The telephoto zoom camera has exceeded the x2 ratio within the predecessor phone, and is now ready to achieve the x3 optical zoom, and although the difference between the 2 ratios isn’t entirely noticeable, this can affect the standard of the photographs greatly.

Apple has added the OIS optical stabilization feature to the iPhone 13 Pro phone sensors, which alerts us to the clarity of the resulting images whether or not the hands are moved during shooting or some subjects move randomly.

By activating the Macro mode, we’ll be able to photograph nearby targets with high accuracy likewise. To enable this mode, we only should move the phone’s camera near the target, in order that the mode are activated automatically, but the installation of the hands is required during this case.

On the opposite hand, Photographic Styles may be a new addition to the camera application within the phone, due to which we will customize one amongst the shooting modes, which incorporates bright, warm, cool and high contrast colours.

Unlike filters, changes to those modes are applied only to elements within the image and to not the complete image.

The 12-megapixel wide front camera takes selfies and records videos in keeping with the f/2.2 aperture, and this camera doesn’t have many features as within the main rear camera, but it provides photos and videos with a awfully acceptable quality, and it’s also easy for it to line Portrait mode and take pictures with it.

Phone cameras can record 4K videos with options including 24, 30 or 60 frames per second, but by reducing the resolution to Full HD we’ll get more frames ranging from 30 frames and ending with 120 and 240 frames per second.

The Dolby Vision HDR feature makes videos more detailed, and also the cinematic mode allows us to record scenes with activating bokeh effects to feature a touch blur to the background of the image, and automatically transfer focus between targets – reckoning on the placement of the target from the camera – and if this mode doesn’t achieve identifying targets Shift focus so we are able to edit the video and adjust focus manually because it should.

Apple has stated that it’ll equip the professional models of its new series with ProRes recording setting, which enables the user to edit videos in a neater way after shooting them, but 4K videos of this kind consume lots of space for storing, so storage capacities are going to be 512GB or 1TB. Suitable for users who want to shoot clips so edit them.


The iPhone 13 pro is one among the phones that included the most recent Apple technologies and new features, because it partnered with the 13 Pro Max in many points and expanded within the field of photography, performance, similarly as battery life, and it also specialized within the refresh rate of 120 Hertz, although it failed to exceed the value point of $ 1500, even in its larger capacity models, it’s not much previous the predecessor phone iPhone 12 Pro, especially within the package and also the experience of use.

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