iPad Mini 6 (2021) Review, The New Apple Tablet

iPad Mini 6 (2021) Review, The New Apple Tablet

iPad mini has evolved significantly since its release until the arrival of the iPad mini 6, as its latest model has reached high levels of screen resolution and chip performance, similarly as battery life. The newer includes a lot of features that cover its negative aspects, and that we will speak about them more fully during this review.

IPad Mini 6 Design

This device comes with an interface that contains flat edges and a side fingerprint reader, and therefore the button dedicated to the house screen has been deleted, while the device has been added successively, a USB-C port and two sets of speaker slots.

This model wasn’t limited to space gray and silver as within the remainder of the iPad, but also added the colours purple, pink and Starlight.

This device was designed with dimensions adequate 195.4 by 134.8 by 6.3 mm, and so smaller than the iPad Air 4 model, but it’s almost the image of the scale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 lite, and it weighs about 293 grams, and so it’s easy to use with one hand. Although the bulk of manufacturers failed to consider this item within the manufacturing process of the developed tablets.

The side fingerprint reader has been integrated into the facility button, although the remainder of the Samsung tablets follow the face-detector unlock approach, which iPads lack, and we’d better train this reader well, because they will unlock quickly afterwards. .

The iPad mini 6 has ditched the Lightning port in favor of adding a USB-C port, but it doesn’t have a headphone jack, but it’s still Bluetooth-enabled with wireless headphones.

IPad Mini 6 Tablet Screen

This device has one amongst the simplest screens for tablets in the slightest degree, in terms of size, because it measures 8.3 inches, because it is accurate in colors and high contrast, sharp and clear in details and works with a resolution of 2266 by 1488 pixels, and despite its multiple features, the division of the screen is what Between apps, it can create alittle script that advises users to separate apps in keeping with certain proportions to boost the usage experience as compared to screen splitting.

This screen supports about 103% of the sRGB color gamut, which is near the screen of the iPad 9, which also supports 105%, but the screen of the iPad mini 6 is far brighter and works on 520 units of sunshine compared to only 472 units within the iPad 9.

We must refer here to the matter of unbalanced update on the device screen, which appears clearly when using this device during a vertical form, where one side of the screen is updated before the opposite side.

A15 Bionic again

The iPad mini 6 is powered by the A15 Bionic chipset, which consists of six cores for the CPU and five for graphics processing, with 16 cores belonging to the Neural Engine. Older models got there, due to its newer chipset, which might hold lots of tabs, play videos, and more, without showing any lag.

This device was tested in line with Geekbench 5 standards, and was ready to reach 4540 points in multiple core bands, although the advanced device iPad Air 4 failed to exceed 4262 points with the A14 Bionic chipset, and it shows the distinctive performance of this device when employed in game rounds, and therefore the speed of Apple’s new chips are useful for machine learning features like Live Text, which identifies text within a picture by simply clicking on a picture.

The speakers during this device can produce distinctive levels of sound compared to its small size, and therefore the sound accuracy and clarity are within the appropriate amount also.

Apple Pencil 2 Support

The flat edges of this device allow support for the Apple Pencil 2 smart stylus, which may be purchased separately from the device, but it lacks the accessories that were available on the iPad Air 4 and iPad Pro, the iPad Magic Keyboard, because it is incredibly small Makes him unable to use the board.

On the opposite hand, this pen can facilitate the experience of using the device, especially because it is rechargeable by magnetically picking it up by the flat edges of this device, and it can enter data on the device very quickly, and it also can use the iPadOS Scribble feature, which converts handwriting into texts Written whether or not the font is poorly understood.

Although iPad mini 6 lacks connectivity with wired keyboards, it’s able to be compatible with wireless keyboards via Bluetooth technology.

IPad Mini 6 Tablet Cameras

The front and rear cameras of the device work with 12 mega-pixels, and are available with very prime quality, understandable details similarly, and appropriate contrast of colours. The selfie camera also supports Apple Center Stage technology, which keeps the moving subject within the imaging frame, and reproduces colors during a very accurate manner, especially skin colors.

IPad Mini 6 Battery

Apple claims that the battery of this device can last for the full day, or up to about ten hours at the very least, and this can be what the battery actually proved when connected to a Wi-Fi network and continuous browsing.


Apple chose for its iPad mini 6 a number of the features that other tablets lack like support for the newest and fastest chipset within the world thus far, additionally to providing adequate battery life, screen resolution and good contrast for both content and camera images, smart pen support and high volume levels contributed beat covering the defects of the device, which was represented within the unbalanced update between the 2 ends of the screen, and also the absence of this device from the hardware needed to put in the keyboard.

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