Huawei Nova 8 Pro Phone Review

Huawei Nova 8 Pro Phone Review

Huawei Nova 8 Pro Huawei nova 8 pro to contend in the middle and upper category at the same time, which changed the features of the competition, similar as its family Nova 8, with remarkable photographic quality and competitive accuracy in terms of the front as well as the hinder camera, in addition to the fast charging power that provides a full battery in about half an hour, which makes it a charging missile.

But what are the features and specifications that it added, and what are the blights that Huawei overlooked or waived during its manufacture to reach that price?

All of this we will discover through the coming lines in a detailed presentation, where we show you the most prominent of these features, along with the blights of this phone, its full specifications, and the rearmost price that was communicated to him in Egypt and Saudi Arabia during the time 2023.

Huawei nova 8 pro specifications came as follows.

The Screen

The Huawei nova 8 pro mobile screen is of type OLED and its area is6.72 elevation and its quality is FHD, with a resolution of 1236 x 2676 pixels, with a pixel viscosity per inch equal to 439 pixels, and the screen contains a hole for the frontal camera double as it includes two cameras and not one, and gives a large viewing area and comes large in size with confines of19.59 The screen represents about91.7 of the frontal side with color support of over to one billion colors A veritably limited number of phones have this point so far, and there’s no protection subcaste. still, it supports 120Hz refresh rate for faster response.


The Huawei nova 8 pro mobile camera comes with a quad hinder camera, the primary camera is 64mega-pixels with an F/1.8 lens slot, the alternate with an 8- megapixel camera with an F/2.4 lens slot, which is for wide photography, and the third camera with a resolution of 2mega-pixels with an F/2.4 lens slot, which is for insulation and picture. R to miss the camera drone.

As for the frontal camera, it’s a double camera, the first and the main bone with a resolution of 16 mega pixel camera with an f/2.0 lens niche, while the second has a resolution of 32 mega pixel camera and an f/2.4 lens niche and is responsible for wide imaging, and it supports HDR, and we don’t forget that the phone supports shooting vids through the hinder camera with a quality of4K@30fps,1080p@30fps,720p@240fps, gyro- EIS.


The Huawei nova 8 pro phone has a storehouse space of128/256 GB, with the loss of the capability to add an external memory unit. It also has 8 GB of arbitrary memory, which is sufficient to give the necessary speed to run numerous operations together.

Operating System

The Huawei nova 8 pro mobile comes with Android 10, EMUI 11 operating system, but it doesn’t support Google Play services like other Huawei phones.


The Huawei nova 8 pro phone includes an eight- core Kirin 985 5G processor with 7 nano- processing technology, operating at an eight- core speed( 1 x2.58 GHz Cortex- A76 & 3 x2.40 GHz Cortex- A76 & 4 x1.84 GHz Cortex- A55), with a Mali- G77( 8- core) graphic processor.

The Battery

The Huawei nova 8 pro mobile battery has a capacity of 4000 mAh and has the capability to gormandize charge 66 watts, which means charging 100 of its capacity in 35 twinkles, and the battery is suitable to repel further than a full day of work if your operation isn’t high, and the phone can also work as a power bank because it has a 5- watt rear charging point, but it lacks the point of wireless charging.


The fingerprint of the Huawei Nova 8 Pro mobile Huawei nova 8 pro supports the face recognition fingerprint, along with the fingerprint, and it’s integrated at the bottom of the screen.

Means of Communication

Huawei Nova 8 Pro supports the following communication styles, Bluetooth and Hotspot, it also supports 2G 3G 4G networks and hasA-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and it lacks a port for earphones with a3.5 mm input while it has USB Type c2.0, with an fresh isolation microphone to help noise interference with the call and video shooting, and it supports the NFC point while it doesn’t support the radio.

And don’t forget that it supports Wi- Fi in addition to its support for Wi- Fi Direct. The phone supports Bluetooth interpretation5.2, A2DP, LE.


The colors of Huawei Nova 8 Pro Huawei nova 8 pro are blue, white, pink, black and green.

Features of Huawei Nova 8 Pro Huawei nova 8 pro

HD binary frontal camera

Good battery

OLED screen supports the loftiest refresh rate

High quality quad hinder camera

Possibility of working with two SIM cards together

Elegant glass design

important healer

Supports the fingerprint sensor

USB Type- C2.0

Good storage memory

Supports shooting 4k vids

Rapid charge bullet

Supports an fresh microphone for noise insulation

It can work as a barrow bank

Supports NFC

Light weight and easy to carry for long periods

Disadvantages of Huawei Nova 8 Pro Huawei nova 8 pro

High price

Google services aren’t supported

Missing wireless charging feature

It lacks water and dust resistance

It doesn’t give a stereo sound experience

The absence of a zoom camera

No screen protection layer

largely susceptible to fingerprinting

Notifications aren’t supported

It doesn’t support playing radio stations

It doesn’t support adding external memory

It doesn’t support 5G

It doesn’t support the3.5 mm port

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